Integrated EClaims module that help you manage insurance approvals easily

Pharmacyplus is integrated with eRx and eClaim as per the DHA’s & HAAD's eClaim Management System. Pharmacyplus helps its users by facilitating eClaim Submission, Re-submission and Remittance Management with reconciliation seamlessly from a single dashboard. This is a completely software based and paperless system which helps to generate the right Details for submitting eClaims through DHA and HAAD portals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and entire UAE. Pharmacyplus enables its users to get updated Drug list, Observation details, Denial Details and ePrescription automatically.
Pharmacyplus helps its users to generate submission files with internal validation rules based on the documentations provided by DHA and HAAD. This helps providers to submit the right files and prevent unnecessary rejections.

Key Benefits:

  • Effortless eClaim Processing: Say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork and tedious processes. PharmacyPlus streamlines eClaim submissions, making it a breeze for you to manage insurance approvals.
  • Complete Software Solution: Our paperless system allows you to handle eClaims electronically, reducing the need for physical documentation and ensuring an eco-friendly approach.
  • Updated Drug List and ePrescription: With PharmacyPlus, access the most up-to-date drug lists, observation details, and ePrescriptions at your fingertips. Stay informed and serve your patients with accuracy and precision.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Rejections: Our software generates submission files with internal validation rules, aligning with the requirements of eclaims link and shafafiya portals,. This helps you submit accurate and complete files, minimizing the chances of rejections.
  • Integrated with eclaims link and shafafiya Portals: PharmacyPlus ensures seamless integration with eclaims link and portals, facilitating smooth eClaim submissions throughout Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the entire UAE.

At PharmacyPlus, we understand that managing insurance approvals can be complex, and that's why we've developed this comprehensive eClaims module. Empower your pharmacy with our advanced software solution, and experience efficiency, accuracy, and convenience like never before.
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